Adriana Rinaldi


Adriana Rinaldi was born in Hamilton Ontario.  She moved back to Italy at a young age.   Even at a young age, her Italian experience had a profound artistic affect on her.   She kept busy in her countryside home by drawing whatever she could.  She returned to Canada and continued her artwork as a hobby throughout her secondary and high school years.  After college, Adriana worked for the Government.  During this time, she joined The Springbank Artists.  She found success through sales, and juried shows.

Secretly, she never felt quite fully satisfied until she finally discovered traditional glaze oil painting.  This is the Old Masters traditional technique.   Beautiful and ancient, steeped in depth and subtleties. The processes spoke to her meditative and methodical nature and facilitated a burst of exploration into the amazing and beautiful things that had always fascinated her. It gave her the confidence and passion to launch boldly into a joy-filled flow – it unjammed a backlog waiting for expression and her natural artistic direction.

Finding her artistic style, she knew that she had found her art home that would allow her the latitude of expression she so intently was looking for. Working in the highly specialized field of traditional glaze oil painting, she is able to record astounding levels of subtle detail. Transparency, translucency, opacity, light and dark, vivid and quiet colours – they all dance together in harmonic melody.

Adriana is an Executive Board Member of the Canadian Glaze Oil Society of Canada,

More information about Adriana Rinaldi can be found on her website