Amanda Shotton

Spending time outside in nature I find myself calmer, more reflective and positive. Nature soothes the soul and grounds you. My acrylic landscapes and waterfronts reflect that by capturing a moment in time, showing you a breathtaking view, creating a mood, or telling a story. Through my artwork, I try to make you stop, reflect, breath and want to get outside and enjoy these beautiful moments! Either by the lake, or walking in a forest, life is beautiful and I try to demonstrate that through my artwork.

Amanda is a Mississauga-based artist, with a background in advertising and computer animation. She has worked as an asset artist on many popular shows such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Barbie, Mia and Me, and Lego Marvel Superheroes. Amanda is drawn to art and loves to spend her time sketching or painting, you will always find her with a sketchbook! Ever since high school Amanda was winning art awards for best in her year, in 2017 Amanda won 3rd in VAM’s Beyond exhibit, and 2018 was a finalist for a 2018 Emerging Visual Artist MARTY award!

More about Amanda Shotton and her work can be found on her website