Arts Drive 2021

Arts on the Credit had their second annual September outdoor show, the Arts Drive, on Sunday, September 26th. Originally scheduled for Saturday the 25th the board made a quick decision to stick to the rain date due to the weather, much to the gratitude of the artists. The thought of getting caught in a downpour and watching helplessly as work turns to colourful mush is not a pleasant one.

So firstly, a round of applause for the Board, the amount of planning, scheduling, brainstorming and preparing for unannounced disasters to provide a hassle-free show to the artists and the visitors is quite a feat!

Mother Nature was in a good mood that Sunday, and it was the perfect weather to be out and enjoying the day with art, a huge thank you to the community who came out to support the Arts on the Credit artists!  We had some great feedback from visitors who are Arts on the Credit shows’ veterans as well as much-welcome newcomers, we were very happy to see many art pieces go off to new homes and are thrilled with the news of the after-show sales as well. Congratulations to the artists on their sales.

You may be thinking by now, applause, thanks, congratulations-this is a pretty blatant tout your own horn post! Yes it is! But why not?

I will leave you with some images of the day, there is a map where you can see all the artists participating. Please feel free to contact us for information on how to purchase art from any of the artists. We hope to see you all next year at the Drive!