Arts on the Credit Virtual Gallery


Things have changed dramatically since 2019 and most of us have had to learn many technical skills to allow us to continue working through the pandemic. For artists with the closures of galleries and events, it has been a steep uphill climb. For many of us the thought of having to get into technical things is quite daunting, however, once learned it has helped things run quite smoothly considering the circumstances. It is time taking and to be honest painful at times. The desire to throw whatever device one is working against the wall is common and yes many of us have succumbed to it as well.
So, it is always good to celebrate the little wins! Arts on the Credit has been quite lucky to transition nicely online with virtual exhibitions through the Exhibbit virtual gallery platform. With all of our annual events postponed it has been great to offer this platform to our artists. A recent show saw art sales and plenty of visitors, one of the exhibiting artists, Barbara H. Pickett, has been kind enough to take the time to send us her thoughts and feedback on her experience (thank you so much Barb!):

“I had a great experience with the AOTC online exhibit. I made the decision to partner with another artist friend, Lisa Compton, which made it fun to plan out together and tell our story of “a few of our favourite things.

My intent was to introduce some new pieces from hometown Port Credit, nearby places like Toronto and Muskoka, and share some paintings of far away places too. Talking through what motivated me to create them and sharing their stories was a great way to remember the joy I get by painting.

My success came with 2 pieces that made the purchasers truly happy.

“A walk downtown” was inspired by our vibrant small businesses highlighting 4 stores including “Impressionable Gifts”. Our small businesses have truly been challenged in these times and provide hope and inspiration as they adapt to survive. I love walking downtown and admiring the windows of our lovely neighbourhood.

The buyer picked up the piece as a gift for the shop owner, who was totally thrilled to receive it and display it proudly in her shop.

The second piece “Muskoka Paddle” was painted as a reminder of the beauty of Mother Nature and meant to transport the viewer to those pleasant surroundings.

The buyer loved the colouring and tranquillity of the piece which is now hung in a focal part of her new home.

In both cases, I was delighted that the pieces made the recipients smile which is my goal in whatever subject matter I paint.

It is wonderful to paint pieces that speak to people, in addition to commissions, and I look forward to continuing to be inspired by architecture and nature in my paintings.”
Arts on the Credit would like to thank all the exhibiting artists for their trust and patience as we navigate this new online territory. We hope to continue improving the opportunities and resources that the AOTC is dedicated to providing to promote and support local artists.
You can show your support by visiting the gallery every month for a new show!