ARTWEAR 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

See you November 2021 at

Waterside Inn, Port Credit

15 Stavebank Rd. S.

Mississauga, ON  L5G 2T2


Wearable art means different things to different people. Sometimes it becomes costume-like, very experimental and most outrageous. Other times it is very wearable everyday and suitable for many ordinary occasions or it might become very special and elaborate, but still is suitable to wear to that very special event. Wear your art!!

In our case, the clothes you will find at Arts on the Credit: ARTWEAR are meant to be worn and enjoyed every day. You will feel comfortable wearing our creations, but will still stand out from the crowd. These will be creations not found on the shelves of the local retail stores or the big box outlets. They are artist designed and made and are one of a kind in most cases. The techniques used to make and embellish these designs are labour intensive, sometimes becoming a collaboration between a few textile artists that may be skilled in different areas of design and construction. Wearable art is not fashion, not trendy, but meant to be timeless.

“Wearable art exists somewhere at the intersection of art, craft and fashion. It is of all three, but is owned wholly by none of them.” Melissa Leventon

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