Barbara Pickett

I was inspired to paint by my lovely Aunt Flo, originally on sand dollars, and then with watercolours. Thanks to the encouragement of family and friends I am now sharing those pieces with you.

When I see a scene that captures my heart, I snap a photo and then recapture that moment in a watercolour to remember always.

I hope that as you look at my work, it reminds you of a place you have visited, or one you would like to travel to, and one that will hold a special place on your wall.

I recently took four of my paintings and turned them into “wearable art”.  Have a peak at the 4 seasonal coloured kimonos and scarves to find the perfect topper over jeans and a tee shirt, or your swimsuit!

As you choose the piece that inspires you, and makes you smile, know that there is positive energy sent your way with my thanks for your support.

The world is filled with beautiful sites…enjoy.

More about Barbara Pickett and her watercolours can be found on her website