Carol-Ann Michaelson

I have spent my life making stuff.   I have worked with clay, porcelain mainly, silver, fibre, mixed media, wood, drawing and painting. The thing I love the most is the combination of art and science.  I love the creating and the problem solving that goes along with the firing of kilns, mixing of glazes, combining metals with each other and with other completely different materials. it is the aesthetic and design challenges of bringing an idea to fruition no matter the medium, that keeps me excited about getting to my studio each day.

I have also been exploring a new  material in the last couple of years called alcohol inks and I have been pulled into the rich colours that I can achieve with them and the opportunity this medium gives me to work intuitively and quickly, trusting  my inner self.

Working in a public studio also gives me the chance to meet and get to know so many interesting clients. Connections made in my studio have also developed into many long lasting relationships.

It gives me great pleasure to see the enjoyment my clients take from my work, whether they are hanging a piece around their necks or hanging it on the wall in their homes.

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