Celebrating One Year of Online Exhibitions


Well, we have made it through another year of the pandemic. Most of us are dazed, confused and just trying to make the best of the situation. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a hug! It has been a really tough time, be gentle with yourself and those around you!

Like everyone else, Arts on the Credit has been trying to keep up with all the changes and moves out of the comfort zone to adjust to the situation and try to keep art going for our artists and our audiences. We are pleased to have had an entire year of online art exhibitions which kept our artists busy, kept us busy and kept us all in touch online. It was good to see each other and the art, this time has definitely proven just how important art is to our lives. Whether you kept yourself busy with a book, relaxed with music, entertained with a movie or a creative break for your brain with a paint session, it was all art!

It was certainly a learning curve, navigating new types of platforms, how to reach and engage people as well as help the artists but it was 100% worth the effort. Plus the alternative of eating endless amounts of chips while crying on the sofa as we watched the world around us turn upside down was not so attractive.

For other arts organizations out there, we highly recommend trying out the platforms for virtual exhibitions, we have been using Exhibbit and are quite happy with the look and the ease of uploading and hanging an exhibit. There are many options out there and you should explore which one suits your artists’ needs. Some other platforms are VR All ArtKunstmatrix, and Ikonospace.

Take a look at our current exhibition to see the benefits of having an online exhibition. For all our exhibits we had an online opening reception and it was a great way to check up on each other as well as share some amazing art with our audiences! You can see our past exhibitions on YouTube, we recorded our little opening nights to provide a little gallery tour to revisit later!