Celina Melo

Melo’s work combines imagery from her photography with texture, traditional painting and poured paint techniques to define the evolving landscape of her
canvas or wood panels. The photographic imagery and subsequent pours define the compositional foundation. Textural depth is important in her pieces, as well as the push and pull depth created by layering the sheen of pouring medium and the matte quality of acrylic paint. Surfaces are built up to create texture using modeling paste. Often mixed media is incorporated, such as cheesecloth and sand. Paintings range in size from 6 x 6 inches up to 36 x 84 inches. Imagery is painted. Paint is poured. The result is an organic and fluid interpretation of the landscape, which meanders between abstraction and realism.

Georgian Bay often acts as muse. Her subject matter often involves water, as she is drawn to its reflective and fluid qualities. Waterworks is an on-going series, which explores the reflective quality of water and sky and their ability to change colour. The inherent movement in water is captured through Melo’s process of painting, pouring and pushing her acrylic paints to mimic and create the sensation of movement and colour – to try to recapture the sensation of being in the moment.

More information about Celina Melo can be found on her website celinamelo.com