Craig Ewing


Craig has been designing one-of-a-kind pieces for over 10 years. He designs with great pride when creating wearable art for everyday wear as well as pieces for special occasions. Craig is known for the stunning pieces he has designed for brides and bridal parties.

His inspiration can be found in fashions from the art deco era of the 1930s to the post-war flare of the 1950s. Craig designs and creates these magical pieces in his home studio. Pearls are strung by traditional methods; natural stones and supple leathers are painstakingly united with the daintiest of hand-stitches; and crystals are accented with the finest beads and finishes available. Most pieces are built one tiny bead at a time.

Whatever the piece, Craig’s favorites are often designed through one-on-one collaboration with clients seeking a signature piece.

More information and images can be found on Craig Ewing’s website,