Karen Hurley


Karen Saunders Hurley is a Canadian artist who was born and raised in Newfoundland.  From an early age she was drawn to the province’s natural beauty, and its wealth of folklore, music and art.  The changing seascapes, the qualities of light, and the banter of friends at supper, among a multiple of sensations, became a part of her.  She carries an abundance of memories of those years that inspire painting opportunities to last a lifetime.

Karen’s path took her in a different direction, a career in health care.  On the advice of a friend who recognized Karen’s creativity, she discovered painting.  She took classes that helped her discover she is artistically curious about how time passes for the individual; the narrative of a moment of life lived. This is what she paints: her passion to bring stories of everyday experiences to the canvas.

Karen continues to grow and develop as an artist through further self study, painting classes, workshops, and art retreats.  She paints primarily in oil and acrylic, although experimentation and creativity with other mediums and mixed media collage continue to excite her.  Karen believes that all mediums of art can transport us to altered emotional and imaginative states.

More images and information about Karen Hurley can be found on her website karensaundershurley.com