Elizabeth Bryan


A world without colour is unimaginable to me. Colour not only shapes our perceptions of what we see and who we are but also reflects our moods, our personalities and our dreams.

I use colour to enhance pattern and both to express mood. I am excited by the creative process from initial colour planning to designing the patterns, through weaving. Creating cloth to then be used for a secondary purpose fulfils my need to create.  Though I work deliberately, I allow my moods and outlook to determine the pattern choices and these richly varied pieces of cloth feed my soul. Creating handbags from handwoven cloth invigorates me.

While weaving can be very intentional from set up to outcome, I enjoy using hand dyed yarns in combination to create unintentional joy while on the loom. The surprises that creep over the back beam towards me are a constant delight.

Each project is unique and varied withing the confines of handweaving. While every piece of cloth is linked by method, no two are exactly alike.

More about Elizabeth on this site :WeaverBee