Elysia Prokopetz

My part-time distraction exploring the medium of glass became a full-time passion in 2011. As I explore the endless possibilities of glass through continuing glass courses, workshops and my own experimentation, my passion for glass fusion grows. The copper butterfly inclusion in each piece represents my personal philosophy that as with all things in life, change is inevitable and by letting go, evolving with the change, you can only become what you should be.

My pieces are both functional, decorative and food safe. All pieces are designed from glass that is handpicked, hand cut by myself, some incorporating recycled blown glass, blown by myself. The piece is then formed through a 2 or 3 stage process in my kilns; fused at temperatures depending on the glass or look I want, then slumped or draped in/over molds, some of which were created by myself.

Enjoy and laugh out loud every day!

More information about Elysia Prokopetz, Glass Butterfly, and her glass work can be found at www.glass-butterfly.com