Financial Tips for Artists

Numbers may or may not be your favourite thing, for many of us it is something we rather not deal with. Numbers, math, money, finances are words I am not particularly fond of, but I also feel that for some reason they have been made a lot scarier than they actually are. I mean we deal with numbers every day and don’t give it a second thought. We measure out designs to be transferred from a small sample to a large wall, we calculate how much paint we will need for a project, we create a breakdown of costs for projects all the time. And I don’t know of anyone who drowned in the numbers while doing it. We all come out fine, pretty unscathed and go on with our lives as usual. It feels weird to think of all the math I have been doing for my art without having a nervous breakdown.

So let’s overcome the fear of that excel sheet and get right into it! I recently did a series of short videos for new artists about how to handle money that I would like to share here. I hope it helps some of you, just some very simple things I have learned on my art journey. Doing it myself for these past couple of years has made me realize it is not as scary as we think. The first video in the series is here: