Gabby Tutak


Gabby Tutak has been exploring the world of visual arts throughout her career. As a teacher, she developed challenging programmes for elementary school children, including gifted and special needs students. As an Art Consultant for the school board, she encouraged both teachers and students that the arts enhance our lives. As coordinator of programming for Visual Arts Mississauga, she continued to promote visual arts in the community. As a board member of the Mississauga Arts Council, she supported arts endeavours for the members and the city. Gabby continues to teach classes of all ages and encourages all her students to experience the creative endeavour through a variety of media.

Gabby is enjoying her personal journey and is still discovering her own unique style. Experimenting with new techniques to express experiences and emotions will continue to be a passion for Gabby as she shares her work with others.

Her yearly exhibits in Toronto and Mississauga are well received. Her original works have found permanent homes in Canada, U.S.A.and Europe.

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