Jacqueline Neves

I am an Eco Conscious, animal loving Artisan, I make all my jewellery & accessories with love, in a joyful, smoke free, eco friendly atmosphere.
My jewellery is Fair Trade and Ethical! I create every piece by  I really love creating these wonderful, beautiful pieces of jewellery; I am always so pleased when I finish a piece.  I am always surprised at how beautiful they turned out.hand here in Canada, I purchase most of my materials  locally,  I  use the highest quality materials I can find, I upcycle as many vintage & post-consumer materials as possible,  I use eco friendly packaging and shipping materials and I strive to run a sustainable, ethical business.

Not all my jewellery would be considered Vegan because some pieces may contain come organic materials like pearls, shells, etc., but, I try to use as many vintage & post consumer materials as possible. These pieces will not be listed as Vegan. 

My designs are deeply influenced by nature, water & my faith.  Many of my designs flow into my mind while I’m out walking in nature, sitting on the beach watching the waves roll into shore with the sunshine glistening on the water, listening to leaves rustling in the wind or staring up at twinkling stars in the night sky.
The beauty, movement, texture and color of nature inspire my jewellery in so many ways.
I am also inspired by ancient jewellery and the wonderful pieces of antique & vintage jewellery I have been collecting and restoring for over 20 years; fine and costume jewellery from all over the world that influence my designs.  
I really love creating these wonderful, beautiful pieces of jewellery. I am always so pleased when I finish a piece and surprised at how beautiful they turned out.
More information about Jacqueline Neves and her jewelley can be found on her website www.anythingspossiblejewellery.com