Jennifer Lawton


Each painting Jennifer begins has now become a challenge: “Can I represent what I see with my camera in terms of design, what I see with my heart in terms of colour, and what I see with my head in response to nature?”

“I look for snippets of life which other people usually walk on by, and then enlarge it enough to have them step back and look again, and then walk through…”

With this in mind, a break-through has recently occurred.  She now takes photos with her digital camera, manipulates them on the computer, enlarges them to almost life size, and then paints in oils or acrylics directly on the photograph to emphasize the subject matter.

Jennifer finds that she is not a complete person, these days, without being able to create her paintings. To that end, she has taken early retirement from her teaching career, uprooted herself from tranquil country living in the Midland area, and moved to Port Credit, closer to Toronto. Immersion in painting full-time, or in the ‘art scene’ will allow her to develop ideas and paintings that have previously taken a back seat to her teaching. Commissions, too, can be completed in a more timely fashion, so as not to keep her clients waiting.

More about Jennifer Lawton and her work can be found on her website