Laura Beaton


I am a visual fine artist whose art merges techniques from Chinese Brush Painting and North American acrylics to create works that are representative of the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western art.

I have exhibited in Ontario and Internationally. I’ve studied Chinese Brush Painting under various Masters including Baoxing ZHANG, and abstract acrylics under Mark Cope, Mila Duric and Halina Wyluda-Kazmierczak.

My intent is for inks and acrylics to create scenes of balance and harmony. Each brush stroke is deliberate, from the tiniest of marks to the largest of strokes. I start painting a general idea and allow the ink or acrylics to flow as my imagination grows. My works have be called ethereal, soothing, surreal and mysterious; they represent a journey of my mind.

More about Laura Beaton and her work can be found on her website