Meena Chopra in the AOTC Gallery!


Our February gallery artist was Meena Chopra, visual artist, writer and poet! We all know the artists for their art, but what about beyond being an artist, who are they, what are they like, what do they like? We asked Meena to share with us:


  • I like going for long walks alone. 

  • I enjoy seeing Hollywood, Bollywood and British films. I love funny movies. I am always hunting for good films for self-stimulation.

  • Music is my inspiration. I get deeply engrossed in it. Music is my lifeline. I love Indian classical to Western classical to Indian and Western pop and contemporary, both old and new. I like French music very much. 

  • Reading is another passion I have. In my youth, I used to find a lot of stimulation in bestsellers and novels but now, I am driven more by poetry, philosophy, and a lot of general stuff and futuristic stuff on the internet. I love technology so I have intensely gotten into digital art now. 

  • I get bored very easily so I need some work all the time to keep me alive and energetic.

  • I am self-reliant in my art as well as for my earnings for my living. I never depended on my family or husband for it since I was 19 years old. It has been a lot of hard work and time dedication,  which has always given me a great amount of joy.

  •  consider my best artistic creation, my only daughter, Taabeer alias Tia. She is both my weakness and my strength.







    Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us Meena!

    Were you able to join us for Meena’s Opening Reception? If not you can still see the work and listen to Meena share the thoughts and processes behind the works on YouTube!