Resources for Artists: Grant Writing Tips

The past two years are an anomaly of time that seem to be incredibly long and short or altogether missing at the same time. It has been an extremely unusual time for everyone, with many ups and downs. For artists, it has meant a lot of change, especially traditional artists who hadn’t ventured into the digital world and didn’t really want to. To overcome the obstacles many organizations stepped up and provided new ways to present and continue presenting arts giving artists much-needed opportunities to continue working. Some of these came in the form of grants.

Grant writing is not exactly the artists’ cup of tea, we prefer creating visually appealing stories. Not dry lengthy explanations of the work, the purpose of the work, the themes behind the work, the process of the work-you get the idea! That said unfortunately the reality is that we artists don’t get to spend the majority of the time creating, most of the time we are doing all the hard work that goes into preparing to be able to actually create. This includes writing all those dry, lengthy explanations that we like to avoid like the plague.

To help break down that colossal monster into something more approachable here are some tips for artists thinking about applying for that grant or project. There is also a link in the video description for a downloadable PDF with all the points to save and refer to. Good luck with your next project!

Grant Writing Tips for Artists