Sandra Robson

With graphic design as a foundation, I’m on an artistic journey with intuition as my guide and my heart as a compass – transcending towards a natural passion for creativity.

Society taught me to colour between the lines, and yet I’m drawn to play outside of those lines. That is my comfort zone and the canvas is my playground. Painting is an expressive indulgence, which provides the opportunity to explore an intimate conversation with my inner voice. The feeling is similar to untangling a knot to achieve balance and a sense of whole. I have been known to lose myself within a painting and yet I am very much found.

I’m intrigued by nature and the infinite source of inspiration it carries. Flowers dancing in the wind, the sounds during a rainfall, quirky animal antics and laughter are just some of the many simplicities of life that capture my attention, fill my palette and energize my desire to paint. My paintings are painterly and each brushstroke is celebrated in expressive movement. Through my eyes, I bring a touch of nature indoors.

More information about Sandra Robson and her artwork can be found on her website