Sue Archibald

Frame of reference is a set of ideas, conditions, or assumptions that determine how something will be approached, perceived, or understood.  “The observer interprets what he sees in terms of his own cultural frame of reference.”
I am drawn to the basic artistic expression of our innate creativity, to paint or draw with freedom, as a young child does prior to the influence of structured learning.   Children create to narrate an aspect of their lives…they tell stories with their pictures.  To paint and embrace that inner child, opens the mind and frees the spirit.

Many of my images are created from my imagination, are a little off kilter intent on offering you a feeling, an idea, or impression, more than the specific details of that image.
Regardless of what is painted my style remains consistent. Everything is a little playful, not quite real life, a little folksy, a little abstract.  There can be a slight edginess to an image, but it still maintains a sense of whimsy and playfulness.  While initially my work may seem simplistic or charming, the viewer is invited to uncover meaning and thought that may be buried within the contextual surface.  I hope to bring a touch of wonder to our very complex and often distraught world.

More about Sue Archibald and her art can be found on her website