Talent Galore!

We would like to introduce a couple of the talented fine artists new to Arts on the Credit: TOUR this September.

Amanda Shotton has been exhibiting all over Mississauga recently so you may have caught one of her recent art exhibits.
“I love art since it challenges you, you study and learn, through trial and error, through watching and learning from others. Life experiences change you, and how you see things. Learn the rules, so as an artist you can break them and find your own unique style,” says Shotton.
More information and images on Amanda Shotton’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AShottonArtist/



Brenda Brown has enjoyed art from a very early age, spending time with colouring books, paint by number activities and lots of sketching.

Brown is very active in the art communities in the area, the Harbourside Painters of Canada and the Womens’ Art Association of Canada to name a few.

She developed her painting and photography skills by taking courses and attending seminars to learn specific techniques and styles to advance her knowledge of all things ‘art’. “I have been lucky to have experienced some very talented teachers during those times”, quotes Brown. She believes the best advise given to her so far was “always remain teachable”, which she intends to do.

More information and lots more images on Brenda Brown’s website brendabrown.pixels.com