The Arts on the Credit 10th Anniversary Annual Fine Art Show

We had our annual fine art show just this last April, it was the 10th anniversary-amazing how quickly ten years go by! We want to say a huge thank you to the community who came out to show their support for our fabulous artists and to our talented artists for putting on such a stunning show!

A special thank you to MPP Rudy Cuzzetto and Councillor Stephen Dasko who took time out of their busy schedules to visit the show and show their support of the local art scene. A huge shoutout to our incredibly talented local musicians who provided us with great music each of the three days, Arlene Paculan, Mo Guzman and Heather Christine. Thank you to the staff at the Waterside Inn for all your help!

It was great to have the show in person after such a long time, it was amazing to meet new friends and old, talk art and weather as well as celebrate art sales! Congrats to the artists who sent their beautiful art off to new homes.

It has been a difficult time and we are for the most part past the worst of it hopefully. What a learning experience though! It has been strange navigating the art world through online events, shows and meet-ups, it was at times quite frustrating since many of us artists are not the most tech-savvy! Who doesn’t love a meeting where the host continues to speak absolutely soundless because they can’t figure out how to unmute themselves? Great fun!

However, we have to admit that it did help us stay connected and even motivated, also grateful for the things we took for granted. Who ever thought that something as simple as getting together for coffee and art could be such a luxury?

We look forward to more in-person events as things go slowly back to some semblance of normal and hope to meet many of you at our upcoming art events. For those of you who missed the show or were just wondering if it was a fever dream here are some moments captured by our artists and guests!