Visual Artist Nada Annan

We’d like you to meet our member artist, Nada Annan! Nada has a solo exhibition in the virtual gallery this month which brings us all a breath of spring air! Nada is famous for her bright, cheery, spring-themed paintings that light up any room with their vibrant colours and sunshine feels.

Nada Annan has been painting most of her life since graduating, where she studied art at Beirut Academy of Fine Art in Lebanon. Since 1989 Nada has attended several workshops with well-known Canadian artists.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo and group shows in Lebanon, England, Cyprus, United States (California) and Canada. Nada has been working as an art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga since 2008 and also gives private lessons in art, using both oils and acrylics.

It is always interesting to meet artists and get to know the person behind the art so we asked Nada to share a little about herself and she was kind enough to take out some time for us!